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Welcome to the home of BinBotFX !

BinBotFX was designed as a companion spot trader for the Binance exchange. It has several automated strategies to trade for you when you are unavailable, maximizing your exchange returns. In addition, it has a flexible reporter that will download and analyse your trade history and then present it in a attractive table which can be published. It is extremely easy to use without lengthy APIs to learn or trade stategies to understand. Other than Telegram and a Binance account (both freely available), no additional installation packages or accounts are required (senza linux). All the hard work has been done for you. The Paper-trade feature allows you stay on top of the market, sending you messages on currencies of interest on how they are progressing through the trending cycles, giving you a 'better than historical backtest' representation of up-to-date market behaviours.

Please feel free to download the free Lite version of BinBotFX and paper trade with it to see if it suits your needs.

If you are interested in licensing the Professional version, visit our webstore link below.

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Binance API Setup Instructions

For instructions on how to setup and obtain your Binance API trading keys, please visit this page.
It is strongly recommended that you do not enable deposits/withdrawels on your API key settings.
The two strings of data that you will need for the BinBotFX Preferences view (first screen) are:
  • Binance API Key = example: (GRstACYVVwUkWRHg6pniyCfl1zreNq4Nyt5SEDQjtsIMX5SYdlpRlANhaLciz43s7q)
  • Binance API Key Secret = example: (zvrsNhZQDdCo8scZf62OsGKZ3gEsDtAEsFnJC0vJ4V1zhIs0grfuU0vcqiJueCfs)

Telegram Notification Bot Setup Instructions

Firstly, download the Telegram App either on your mobile device and or on your computer and create an account. Then...

1. Talk to @BotFather
  • Once there type '/ newbot' to create a bot to receive BinBotFX messages regarding paper trades. Answer the bot naming questions by typing answers and pressing enter.
  • You will receive a message containing your bot token which you will need to keep a copy of.
2. Start a chat with your bot's name (for example @MyBBot) and press start button
3. Repeat the previous two step and create another Telegram Bot to receive messages for your live trades
4. Start another chat with
  • If that doesn't work, try a chat with
  • If that doesn't work paste @id_chatbot into a telegram chat and click it. It should open the chat id bot in a new chat
  • Finally, here is a link to a page with a couple more ID chatbots for telegram that you can click if the above doesn't get a valid response.
Remember to click "Start" at the bottom of the page when you start a new chat.
This bot will reveal your Chat ID.

5. Edit BinBotFX Preferences (first startup screen) and set :
  • Your chat ID = example: (1234567890)
  • Your paper-trade bot token = example: (125634789:AdGsJXvOnWxasdtasrfanmvlQQfb-aaa)
  • Your live-trade bot token = example: (987654321:FwyyzmesagerIersWqsxdRd2TQfb-bcb)


BinBotFX Webstore Link

Click the button links offered below to be taken to your payment handler of choice who will process the payment for your license request. Buyers won't have wait to recieve follow up information, as they are instantly sent an email with a description of the next steps to upgrade to the professional version. Currently users can submit payment for licenses using Bitcoin (0.0173 BTC), via Ethereum transmission to our account contract hosted on the Ethereum mainnet (0.5 ETH) OR using PayPal ($88.00 USD). The Professional licensed is designed to last for many years, providing unlock requests for one computer and one laptop as well as replacements for those.

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